Aandacht voor de bloed-hersenbarrière door en voor neurowetenschappers uit Nederland

Als onderdeel van Brain Awareness Week 2013, organiseert BBBNedwork op vrijdag 22 maart haar kick-off meeting in Leiden.

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Toekenning Vici aan Dr. Miranda van Eck

NWO heeft aan vijf Leidse onderzoekers een Vici-subisdie toegekend, waaronder Dr. Miranda van Eck, werkzaam bij de sectie Biofarmacie. Landelijk kregen 32 vooraanstaande wetenschappers een Vici.

Haar onderzoek omvat: ‘omkeren van hart- en vaatziekte’.

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Tuning the death sentence

In this week’s issue of Science Signaling (22 January, 2013), Danen and colleagues of the Division of Toxicology of LACDR report novel insights into the question how stem cells decide to commit suicide when their DNA is damaged.

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New dimension acronym LACDR
Naam LACDR 2012.jpg

LACDR, which was previously known as the acronym for Leiden / Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, has been given a new dimension. The research groups in Leiden will continue to operate under a new name using the same acronym: Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research. The change follows from new agreements made between Leiden University and the VU University Amsterdam. LACDR is the research institute for Biopharmaceutical Sciences at the Faculteit of Science.

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LACDR Researchers present Organ-on-a-chip in De Volkskrant
Orgaanchip Volkskrant.jpg

In its Saturday edition of October 27th 2012, Dutch national newspaper De Volkskrant published the article "Orgaanchip als Loep op het leven" with ample attention for LACDR researcher Paul Vulto and the LACDR Spin-off company MIMETAS.

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In Memoriam - Shanna Shi
Shanna Shi - In Memoriam.JPG

 In Memoriam

 We miss your energy, warmth, happiness and inspiration!

 Shanna Shi

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Medicinal Chemist and Molecular Toxicologist win PerkinElmer Prizes at FIGON Dutch Medicines Days

Jelle Reinen and Kristina Orrling, researchers from the VU University Amsterdam have won the PerkinElmerPrizes for the best Presentation and best Poster at the FIGON Dutch Medicines Days 2012.

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VU Analytical and Environmental Chemists combine forces for identification of toxicants in water
STW IVM Foto Persberichten.JPG

Researchers from the Division of BioMolecular Analysis and the Institute for Environmental Studies of the VU University Amsterdam obtained a grant to develop an innovative platform for High-throughput Effect Directed Analysis.

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Medicinal Chemist VU University most meritorious runner up EFMC prize for Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia
Chris de Graaf.jpg

Chris de Graaf, assistant professor Medicinal Chemistry at VU University Amsterdam  has been designated as most meritorious runner up of the 2012 EFMC Prize for a Young Medicinal Chemist in Academia.

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Professor Joke Bouwstra (Division Drug Delivery Technology) has received her tenth STW grant
Joke Bouwstra.jpg

Professor Joke Bouwstra has received her tenth STW grant: She has been granted a 1,1 million Euro to develop novel formulations for barrier repair in atopic eczema patients.

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Leiden University researchers receive Valorisation Grant for Organ-on-a-Chip

Leiden, The Netherlands, 29 June 2012 - Researchers from LACDR have received 200.000 euros to develop their work on Organs-on-a-Chip into marketable products. As part of this effort, the company Mimetas has been founded which will bring solutions for micro tissue- and organ culturing to the market.

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Spring Symposium Abstract Book online available
VU Boelelaan.jpg

After a successful LACDR Spring Symposium on May 22nd 2012, the abstract book is now available for download.

Steffen Nijhof is breaking news at ISCOMs

Work of Steffen Nijhof, a master’s student Biopharmaceutical Sciences, has been selected for the “Breaking News Session” of the International Student Congress of (Bio)Medical Sciences (ISCOMs), to be held June 5-8, 2012 in Groningen.

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Prof. Wim Jiskoot (DDT) the most famous JPharmSci author

The Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences lists the top-ten most downloaded papers for papers published each quarter of the year. In the most recent listing for January - March 2012 issues, three papers from Prof. Wim Jiskoot, all of which were published in the March 2012 issue, were among the top-ten.

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Opening the Gates of Brain Receptors: Navigating the Neurochemical Space by Computer-Aided Molecular Design
Ernst_GraphicalAbstract (NCHEMB-A091104514E)_Jan26.JPG

Pharmaceutical scientists from VU University Amsterdam and colleagues from the University of Vienna and Medical University of Vienna have gained new insights into the molecular basis of the GABAA receptors, an important class of brain receptor involved in regulating the excitation of nerve cells. Their results were published online on March 25 in the prestigious journal Nature Chemical Biology.

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Public Private: Perfect! - TI Pharma Spring meeting
TIP Spring meeting.jpg

The first lustrum edition of the TI Pharma Spring Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at Media Plaza in Utrecht. At this meeting industrial researchers, academic scientists, regulatory experts, policy makers and more meet to discuss the latest advancements in drug discovery and development.

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Spring 2012 NMC Metabolomics Meeting

On May 8, 2012, the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre will meet for an international Metabolomics Meeting in Breukelen, open to national and international researchers.

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VU Analytical Chemists bring SPRing
SPRing applicants Cropped.JPG

Researchers from the Division of BioMolecular Analysis of the VU University Amsterdam together with colleagues from Wageningen University (WU) obtained a grant to develop enhanced bioresolution and miniaturization of Surface Plasmon Resonance optical sensing ‘SPRing’.

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In silico hit hunters: virtual reality in drug discovery
Albert Kooistra (left) and Chris de Graaf (right) have set a new world record virtual screening

Computational medicinal chemists Albert Kooistra and Chris de Graaf set a new world record virtual screening for the identification of novel pharmaceutical drugs.

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STW project on protein microencapsulation awarded to Wim Jiskoot

The project “Controlled release of protein pharmaceuticals from biodegradable, hydrophilic microcapsules produced by supercritical fluid processing” has been granted to Prof. Wim Jiskoot (Division of Drug Delivery Technology) and co-applicant Prof. Geert-Jan Witkamp (section Process Equipment, TU Delft) by STW (Open Technology Programme).

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