hDMT, Institute for human Organ and Disease Model Technologies officially started


The Institute for human Organ and Disease Model Technologies (hDMT) has been officially launched on 18 May. As founding partner Leiden University, including the LACDR, is strongly involved in the formation of this institute.

hDMT will generate “organ-on-chip” and “disease-on-chip” models where tiny channels are created to transport liquids through such multicellular structures, much like the blood flow in real tissues. This is highly useful for testing drug effects and the expectation is that this technology will increasingly replace animal models. In this way unique research is made possible to develop personalized- or precision medicine.
Within LACDR, the “microfluidics” systems developed in the division of Analytical Biosciences as well as their expertise with metabolomics will be applied. The division of Toxicology brings extensive experience with 3D tissue culture models, cancer biology and strong expertise in microscopic imaging techniques and fluorescent reporter design. Their microscopy facility in the Leiden Cell Observatory will be important for analyses of drug effects in the hDMT models.
For further info see the hDMT website: http://hdmt.technology