How killer -T-cells migrate towards virus-infected cells
Joost Beltman

Joost Beltman (LACDR, Leiden University) has provided novel  insights in the way T cells migrate towards virus-infected cells. This was accomplished by a combination of experimental research in the group of Ton Schumacher (Dutch Cancer Institute, NKI) and computer simulations in collaboration with Rob de Boer (Utrecht University). The results have been published in the December edition of The Journal of Immunology. 

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Marjo de Graauw wins global innovation award

Marjo de Graauw, adviser Educational Innovation and Academic Teacher at Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences has won the Turnitin GLobal Innovator Award for Europe. 

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Horizon2020 project EU-ToxRisk

In a large (30 Million €) H2020-supported collaborative project, academia joins forces with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large industry, contract research organisations (CROs) and regulatory bodies to achieve a paradigm shift in toxicology towards a more efficient and animal-free chemical safety assessment. 

Coordinated by Bob van de Water, Professor of Toxicology at Leiden University, EU-ToxRisk intends to become the European flagship for animal-free chemical safety assessment.

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Oratie Miranda van Eck: vaatwastabletten voor schone, vetvrije vaten

In haar oratie op 11 september belicht Miranda van Eck, hoogleraar Cardiovascular and Metabolic Therapeutics, haar onderzoek ten behoeve van de ontwikkeling

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